25th July 2016

This month’s been very crazy and everything’s a mess. Plenty of challenges and weird happenings. The upside of all these, I’ve learnt plenty of valuable lessons.

In the midst of all the craziness, I was inspired by this article : 52 Obtainable Ways to Simplify Your Life, and finally got some semblance of order back into my life. Well, once I start doing them, that is. These things will mainly help me become more efficient and also to procrastinate lesser.

First, implementing a power hour everyday. It’s gone onto my google calendar 😉 Just did that today. I super hate making phone calls to make or change appointments for anything, to banks for waiver, etc. Usually I will procrastinate until I have to do them. Arranged for a Harp lesson for next week and confirmed a few other appointments as part of destroying procrastination. Lol.

Next on the list, planning the day/week ahead. Planned my day tml, morning Yoga, healthy lunch, work on my business, run errands, workout, paleo dinner. Sleep early.

Having a do nothing day, regularly, is a challenge. An “off day” has been on my Calendar every week for as long as I can remember, but I was rarely able to implement it. I’m basically up to my neck in work. Consider the fact that I hold a full time job, is planning for a 4 weeks trip in Sept/Oct and also running my business which takes up 3-4hours everyday.

I intend to have a morning ritual too, mostly for the days when I’m off, so I can be as productive as possible. First thing is to do is probably not to switch on mobile data upon waking 😉

Need to implement a day regularly to unplug totally as well 🙂

Next, getting a VA and outsourcing things, because, as entrepreneurs, time is our MVC (most valuable commodity). Going to be gathering a list of things of things to outsource this week while I go about my work. Will post the ad to hire next week.

Focus on using things up and wearing them out before buying a replacement aligns with simplifying my life. This is what I have been doing and trying to do!

Going to work on clearing my work desk this week. Though a Before and After series would be very satisfying, it’s probably too scary to post 😀

Cleaning up my inbox is something I’ve done and been doing. Lol, and yes, it feels damn good 😉

Cleaning up my computer desktop, gotta get to it. Too much on my list this week, scheduled for next week. Along with clearing redundant digital files and doing backups on them. I think this will take more than a few days to finish.

Time is the most valuable commodity a person can ever have. You should never free up your time for anyone unless they deserve it. Definitely learnt this the hard way.

And finally, it’s also time to tackle that one important aspect of my life that I’ve been putting on hold while I focus on my business.


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